Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Cooper discusses what he had to change to put on 6 kilos of muscle in the off season
  • While gaining weight he made sure he still developed his running speed & endurance and how a football-specific program assisted Cooper to achieve this
  • What he has learned during his time at Norwood football club
  • We go through a typical training week for Cooper and how he manages his workload in the season to keep his peak shape and recover from game to game
  • How he managed the motivational slumps of training by himself during COVID 2020 season
  • How Cooper learns from his peers at Norwood and much his dad and coaches have helped him along the way

People mentioned:

  • Richard Douglas
  • Mitch Grigg
  • Paul Puopolo
  • Michael Knoll
  • Jade Rawlings
  • Brad Murley

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