In this episode, we interviewed our Geelong-based Prepare Like a Pro Perth coach Tom Mackenzie. He is also the strength & conditioning assistant at Geelong FC and the head of strength and conditioning at Anglesea FC. Prior to commencing his career as a strength & conditioning coach, Tom was a competitive footballer competing at nab league, VFL football, and running a sub-3-hour marathon.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Tom managed to come back from 2 ACL reconstructions
  • What he has learned during his career and what he would do differently if he was a developing footballer
  • The importance of listening to your body and understanding when to change the plan to suit you
  • How he prepared to get a sub 3-hour marathon and how he’s finding working at Geelong as an intern

People mentioned:

  • Jason Kelly
  • Randel Cooper
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Patrick Dangerfield
  • Jeremy Cameron
  • Konrad Slavinskis
  • John Leyden
  • Chris Denis

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