In this episode of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast I am speaking with Josh Dunkley, Elite Midfielder for the Western Bulldogs. Recruited from Gippsland Power. Josh is a strong and courageous tall midfielder. He continues to establish himself as a prime-move in the Bulldogs’ on-ball brigade. We discussed with Josh his love for the game and when his drive to be an AFL footballer began at the age of 13. Mentor’s along his journey from his father Andrew Dunkley to peers at the Western Bulldogs. Josh provided insight into his approach to prepare himself for AFL football. The importance of using his off-season to trial different training or lifestyle methods, such nutrition & work in the gym.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Josh’s football journey from the beginning to now
  • His learnings from travelling with the Bont to America for a training camp with an Olympic speed & power coach
  • His business JKLD that he runs with his sister & brother
  • The challenge 2020 COVID season brought
  • The lessons Josh learned from the experience from valuing downtime to the importance of family and friends
  • The importance of having a individualized strength & conditioning program for working on your strengths as well as manage past injuries
  • What has worked and what has and hasn’t throughout his career
  • How he values life balance and tips and tricks for young developing footballers

People mentioned:

  • Andrew Dunkley
  • Kyle Dunkley
  • Lara Dunkley
  • Sam Skinner
  • Nash Homes
  • Jacob Weitering
  • Darcy Parish
  • Josh Schache
  • Jacob Weitering
  • Reece Shaw
  • Adam Goodes
  • Jordan Roughead
  • Robert Murphy
  • Marcus Bontempelli
  • Mitch Wallis
  • Matt Critts
  • Andy Barnett
  • Nick Stones
  • Michael Jordan
  • Lebron James
  • Adam Treloar
  • Luke Bridge

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