In this episode of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast, I am speaking to Loris Bertolacci, Strength And Conditioning Coach at Shanghai Sports Institute. Loris has coached across four decades with multiple AFL clubs, Olympic level athletes, and squads including the Australian women’s volleyball team. His experience as a track & field coach for sprinters and a former competitive hammer thrower himself meant he had a lot of experience developing speed & power! It was fantastic to get someone so passionate about developing athletes with such a rich background in Strength & Conditioning in a range of sports. We discussed his learnings in the ’80s, ’90s for AFL strength & conditioning and it was interesting to hear how his thought process was back then and how ahead of their time Essendon FC & West coast eagles FC were.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who Loris is (background, education, and current role)
  • His learning’s working as a strength & conditioning coach at Essendon, western bulldogs, & Geelong Football clubs – Roles in high-performance sport
  • The value of driving your own development
  • The challenge of getting the balance between training hard and injury prevention in elite sport

People mentioned:

  • Peter Powers
  • Matt Barber
  • Danny Corcoran
  • John Quinn
  • Dustin Fletcher
  • Scott Cummings
  • David Weidan
  • Kevin Sheedy
  • Paul Chek
  • Peter Tschiene
  • Adam Kingsley
  • Garry Odonnell
  • Michael Long
  • Dayne Kelly
  • Bondarchuk

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