Nick is the Physiotherapist at the Essendon FC and owner of Complete Balance Physiotherapy & Pilates in Maribyrnong & Tullamarine. Holding a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from La Trobe University, he is also the Managing Director of The Sports MAP Network delivering relevant, practical and evidence-based courses for experienced physiotherapists.

Highlights of the episode:

  • People who influenced him in elite sports
  • What discipline physios should start if they want to work in elite sport
  • Key pillars as a physio working in elite sport
  • His overarching rehab principles
  • How he started Sports MAP

People mentioned:

  • Meirion Jones
  • Callan Jones
  • Peter Blanch
  • Enda King
  • Jarrod Wade
  • Bruce Connor
  • Alex Sakadjian
  • Sean Murphy
  • Justin Crow
  • Conor Daly
  • Anthony Hogan
  • Jill Cook
  • Jurdan Mendiguchia
  • David Rundle
  • Andrew Wallis

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