Jarrod is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and high-performance manager at Collingwood FC. Over his career, he has worked in Geelong FC, Essendon FC and South Sydney Rabbitohs in roles such as head of strength, sports science, and rehabilitation in football codes (AFL/NRL). Jarrod is a strong research professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) focused on Human Movement and has completed a master’s degree in Research into Strength and Power Profiling of Rugby League Athletes.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Considerations for loading in pre-season
  • Importance of chasing one key area of athletic development each week rather than all of them
  • Why GPS is not a good measure of training load
  • How to manifest energy when players are having it tough during their training block
  • Common mistakes when planning in-season performance work

People mentioned:

  • Tim Rogers
  • Julian Jones
  • Ross Smith
  • Dean Robinson
  • Paul Haynes
  • Suki Hobson
  • Wayne Bennett
  • Craig Mcrae
  • Steve Hocking
  • Neil Balme
  • Paul Devlin
  • Gregg Inglis
  • Dean Filopoulos
  • Mark Thompson

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