Scott has worked in multiple Olympic sports, as well as being a part of two different football codes. His career spanning over 20 years, saw him work with the Queensland Academy for Sport where he helped coach many different kinds such as hockey and baseball before moving onto Newcastle Knights’ organization.

Since returning to Australia, Scott has worked at both the North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL club and the Victorian Institute of Sport before taking up his current role as National S&C Lead with Swimming Australia.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Why it’s important to work in a range of different environments and sports over your career
  • Understanding your environment and how to develop strong relationships with your peers
  • A year-by-year breakdown leading up to the Olympics
  • Best conducive environment for athletes
  • How they do rehab in their Olympic team

People mentioned:

  • Bill Knowles
  • Lachlan Penfold
  • Kevin Giles
  • Suki Hobson
  • Emma Mckeon
  • Michael Bohl
  • Robert Walsh

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