David is the Head of Performance at Sydney Roosters Football Club. He is a highly experienced leader with a 25-year background in high performance and team dynamics. Dave has worked with some of Australia’s most respected and successful sporting organizations such as the Australian Cricket Team, the Sydney Swans Football Club and Tennis Australia.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Advice to S&Cs to gain opportunities and why developing movement IQ in athletes is important
  • Understanding that each athlete will respond differently to the program and knowing when to adjust
  • How tactical coaches use GPS to design the program
  • His key high-performance processes and systems
  • How to develop psychological safety in your environment

People mentioned:

  • Paul Roos
  • Steve Lawson
  • Geoff Marsh
  • Errol Alcott
  • Ray Mclean
  • Steve Waugh
  • Andrew Ireland
  • Ross Lyon
  • Mick Malthouse

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