Brenton is a passionate physiotherapist with a keen interest in management of elite athletes. He is always looking for innovative strategies to aid injury prevention and improve performance within a team environment. Since 2014, Brenton has worked in elite sport, including the St North Melbourne FC, Norwich FC, and Melbourne FC. He is also co-founder of Enhance sports performance and rehabilitation since Dec 2016.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Brenton’s four key pillars for returning a footballer to performance
  • How he upskills himself
  • Why learning how to work in a team is critical to working in elite sport
  • How your biggest learnings come those you work closest
  • Developing an earn the right philosophy and how to apply it to rehabilitation

People mentioned:

  • Steve Saunders
  • Rob Inness
  • Dan Meehan
  • Darren Burgess
  • Dan James
  • Selwyn Griffith
  • Darren Burgess
  • Nick Murray
  • David Reagan
  • Adam Grant
  • David Faye

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