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We’re on the home stretch and the finish line is in sight, but we’ve got to make sure week six – the final week – of Jack McLean’s strength and wellbeing program is our best and that we close things out on a high.

Jack, our Head of Performance, prepared a pair of running programs to assist our Victorian community through lockdown, with the purpose of both to get people active and in the best shape physically and mentally to handle our state’s restrictions.

The program offers the structure and guidance of an elite program whilst still being accessible to trainers of all abilities, with program two more closely resembling the plans Jack provides our players to increase aerobic capacity and performance.

Both programs can be completed in line with current restrictions, though we ask that those completing – or anyone who is considering undertaking – this training do so responsibly.

If you haven’t gotten started yet, each week’s plan is available on our website with a week one link.

“Week six carries a strong focus on the physical and mental,” Jack said.

“Throughout the programs, our training has built to this, and what we’ve achieved so far has laid a strong foundation to attack this final block.

“Best results will come with the best preparation – so make sure you’re ready for the day, give yourself the best effort you can, and recover well between your workouts.

“Nick Green, our Club Dietician, has been providing some terrific insight into what foods fuel you best when in training, and you can find those tips via our social channels.

“That’ll be a great resource for you this week and moving forward.

“Nick’s hints also dovetail nicely with this week’s health and wellbeing portion of the program: no sugar.

“That has as much to do with a strong mindset and discipline as it does preparing yourself to train.”

Program One


  • Death by Burpees


  • 6 x 400m at 70% pace, 300 – 400 walk recovery


  • Workout Wednesday – this week’s exercise is available via our social channels


  • 3 x 5 min at 70% pace, 2 – 3min of jog/walk recovery


  • 100 push-ups for time


  • 3km for time


  • Rest day (reflect on the last 6 weeks)

Program Two

Day one

  • 10 min run drills + mob
  • 5 sets of:[4x150m – 2 reps @ 70% 2 reps @ 80% (60s jog or 40s walk) (2 mins between sets) ]
  • 10 mins run post-session

Day two

  • 10 mins jog & running drills
  • 2 x 5 x 15-sec grid agility jog lap between sets
  • 3 sets of: [2x100m @80% (jog back) > 2x80m @90% (walk back) > 2x60m @90% (walk back)] + 5 min jog post-session

Day three

  • As many 200m on the minute, you can do.

AIM TO GET 40SEC REPS OR UNDER if you get over a minute you’re out of the test!

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