Week 2 Boxhill Wellbeing program

To assist Victorians through their second COVID–19 lockdown period, Jack McLean, Box Hill Hawks’ Head of Performance, has designed a pair of strength and wellbeing programs to keep our community active both physically and mentally.

Program one is ideal for those wanting to either build or maintain their fitness via running and caters for all abilities.

Program two is designed specifically with footballers in mind and mirrors the training structure Jack provides our players. It is purposefully built to develop and improve players’ running power and overall fitness.

Both are designed with a scaled intensity, with each week laying a platform for the next. Week one’s programs can be found via this link.

The structured programs work best when paired with our Workout Wednesday activities – which can be found each week on our social channels – and include a health and wellbeing challenge.

“Week one was all about getting moving and establishing a rhythm or routine to our training,” Jack said.

“For week two we want to target lifting your intensity by 10% each training day.

“In and of itself, training can be a daunting undertaking. Knowing where to start and where to take things.

“Coupled with isolation it’s important we keep challenging ourselves and working towards a positive outcome.

“Last week set us up for this week, which will reward you next week.

“Also, on your rest days attempt some form of light activity, whether it’s a walk or stretch, so to keep moving.

“That’s an underpinning philosophy which we’ll say a lot over the six weeks of the programs: keep moving, stay active.”

Jack will be available for a live Q+A via our Instagram channel each Monday at 6pm to set up the coming week and answer any questions you might have about the program and your progress.

Happy training!

Week Two

Week two’s health and wellbeing challenge is a 10 minutes of mindfulness breathing exercise each day. It consists of 10 minutes of three seconds inhale, three seconds exhale and three seconds holding your breath.

Program One

25 – 35 min easy pace

6 x 400m at 70% Pace, 300-400m recovery walk

Workout Wednesday – this week’s exercise available via our social channels

3 x 5mins at 70% pace, 2-3mins jog recovery

Rest day

20 min of min 1 push-ups min 2 squats

Rest day

Program Two

Day one
5 min jog
3 sets of: [2x15sec effort / 15sec jog > 2x30sec effort / 30s jog > 2x45sec effort / 45sec walk]
10 mins of 30s run/15s walk post-session

Day two
5 min run drills + 5min jog
3 sets of: [6 20sec efforts – 4 reps @70% 3 reps @80% (45s walk) (2 mins between sets)] 10min foam roll

Day three
5 min jog
Intro Change of direction work 2 x 5 x 20m suicides
5 x Y agility
5 x T agility



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