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Jess Spendlove is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She is also one of the co-owners of Health & Performance Collective—a nutrition consultancy business that helps individuals, sports teams and corporates live and perform at their best.

For Spendlove, it’s all about assisting driven individuals in living, feeling, and performing to their full potential. She has a strong interest in engaging with highly driven individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including professional sports and business.

 Lofty Reputation as One of the Best in Her Field

Due to her work with a number of high-profile sports teams and private clientele, Spendlove has gained a lofty reputation for being one of Australia’s most regarded and sought-after Dietitians. Among her current clients are the AFL’s Greater Western Sydney Giants, Netball’s Greater Western Sydney Giants, A-Western League’s Sydney Wanderers, NBA’s Sydney Kings, NRL’s Cronulla Sharks, and the Rugby Championship’s NSW Waratahs. She also works with foreign athletes and corporate executives around the world.

Spendlove has extensive experience working in professional sports, with over 30 seasons under her belt. Specifically, Jess works with professional athletes to develop performance nutrition plans, build connections, and alter eating habits in order to help them live better and perform at their very best.

Sport as a Key Component.

Spendlove believes that sport is a key component to any healthy lifestyle, but she also wants athletes and non-athletes alike to make sure they’re eating well. Athlete or not—everyone needs food for life as much of their body’s cells are made up of organic molecules found in our diets. She works closely with adolescents who oftentimes have trouble feeding themselves after practice because it can be difficult if there isn’t enough time left over from schoolwork.

In the last nine years, Spendlove built best practice systems and processes that optimize the productivity and fitness of the athletes she works with various sports and with different budgets and service capacities. In addition to her clinical expertise, Spendlove has a wide network, a strategic mindset, and a willingness to think beyond the box.

Outside the Sporting Field

Outside of her work in high-performance sport, Jess consults with motivated individuals and corporations to help them improve their health and performance on the sporting field, in the boardroom, and in everyday life. 

Working one-on-one with CEOs is one of her favorite things to do, and she provides a wide range of customized nutrition services across the company to maximize employee productivity, health, and well-being. Food, mood and mental health is a particular area of interest at the moment.

Spendlove is passionate about working with food brands that not only care deeply for their customers’ health but also understand the importance of a delicious product. She finds herself most frequently in this position as an entrepreneur who wants to help others find joy through healthy living habits.

She is on a mission to help as many people live their best lives. She feels that most don’t know how good they can feel, and she’s developed easy-to-implement strategies for them with cost-effective products that will make them more confident in themselves.

Spendlove has a passion for nutrition that shines through in her work, from writing articles to appearing on TV in shows like “The Biggest Loser Transformed.” Recently, she was awarded the ‘Emerging Media Presence’ award by Sports Dietitians Australia.

Solid Foundation

Spendlove has an impressive background in the food and nutrition industry. She earned her Masters of Nutrition from Sydney University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Wollongong! She has also published peer-reviewed journals and has contributed to various publications.

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