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Is Teambuildr Programming Software good? A Coaches Perspective

Looking for an online strength and conditioning software that is both easy to use and effective? Look no further than Teambuildr! This platform has everything you need to get your squad of athletes working out effectively. With features like workout calendars, leaderboards, and video demonstrations, you can be sure that your team is getting the most out of their workouts. And with a built-in social media platform, this sports and fitness app can keep everyone up to date on their progress. 

I have been lucky enough to use it during my time at Hawthorn football club and my current role at Melbourne football club. The athletes love how easy it is to navigate the app and for the Strength & Conditioning coach we saved time transferring data from written programs to our excel spreadsheets! 

Using the platform at Prepare Like a Pro was a no-brainer and I’ll discuss it in more detail below. 

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 What is Teambuildr?

The strength and conditioning platform TeamBuildr allows coaches to create workout programs that can be seen by players no matter where they are located in the world. The app includes an exercise library, which includes instructions, videos, set/rep information, and other messenger features.

Who uses Teambuildr?

At present, TeamBuildr is being utilized by a wide range of people, including professional and collegiate athletes, Olympians, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. According to its website, it is working with numerous professional teams such as the Tamba Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints from the National Football League; the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association; Chelsea and Arsenal from the English Premier League; and Notre Dame, Virgina Tech, and Oregon from the NCAA, just to mention a few. Additionally, the company has plans to expand its reach into other markets such as high school coaching and physical therapy/rehabilitation in the near future.

 How are other coaches finding Teambuildr?

From the little research that I have been able to do, it would appear as though Teambuildr is an extremely effective platform for strength and conditioning. Not only does it allow coaches to create workout libraries, but also provides athletes with all of the necessary tools needed to complete said workouts. 

Through the use of TeamBuildr, a strength program can become fully paperless by developing workouts on an online platform. Each morning, athletes receive an email with their allocated routines, but they may also retrieve them through text message, on their tablet, or through the TeamBuildr smartphone app. Once the players have recorded their weight, reps, or time in the app, the data is saved to the cloud and can be accessed by the coach.

As an added bonus, coaches save a substantial amount of time when creating workouts because TeamBuildr will save sessions on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis. Coaches can easily plug in saved workouts for all of their teams at any time, rather than having to create programs in Word, Excel, or any other office software. Coaches can save time by recording data on tablets rather than using a clipboard or Excel, which is another example of time-saving. By capturing data via the TeamBuildr iPad app, you can assure that your weight room data is maintained in a safe cloud that is automatically backed up at regular intervals. Also saving time is the use of TeamBuildr’s iPad software to record maxes and other metrics in the weight room, which avoids the need to do time-consuming data entry from paper into an Excel spreadsheet.

If your coach reading this and you have experience in using Teambuildr for the benefit of other coaches I would love for you to comment below 👇 your pros and cons! 

How Good is Teambuildr When It Comes to Communication?

Similar to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, each athlete obtains a TeamBuildr profile, which serves as their identity as a strength and conditioning professional. Athletes can communicate with one another through a Team Feed, where they can post comments, share their newest triumphs, and view coach updates. Additionally, whenever an exercise record is broken or if an athlete breaks into the “Top 3” for a maximum, TeamBuildr will automatically post to the Team Feed. On the Team Feed, coaches can also post announcements about their teams for particular sports or groups of players.

Coaches can communicate with their athletes using a range of communication methods available on the TeamBuildr platform. Every morning, an email will be sent to each athlete’s email address informing them of the new workout that has been prepared. The TeamBuildr messaging system can also be used by coaches for sending out mass texts and emails to specific teams or position groupings.


Overall, Teambuildr is an extremely user-friendly platform that can save coaches time in terms of creating workouts and communicating with their athletes. The system is very versatile and has been successfully implemented with numerous professional teams. With the expansion into new markets imminent, it would be wise for strength and conditioning professionals to take a closer look at this platform and see how it can benefit their athletes.

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