Robert Aughey Early Career

Introduction: Shaping the Path

In the realm of sports science, the journey of Robert Aughey, a prominent figure in the field, was significantly shaped by key influencers in his early career. Robert Aughey Early Career Robert Aughey Early Career Rob is an expert in the design, monitoring, and interpretation of training and training load in athletes built over two decades as an applied sport scientist and coach. He is currently a sport scientist at Track and a Professor of Sport Science at Victoria University. Prior to Track he worked at Western Bulldogs for 7 years and has supervised over 15 PhD students to successful completions, and has over 80 publications.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Influencers in his early days
  • What he learned from his mentors
  • The Mind project, athlete tracking system
  • University partnership with football clubs
  • His fave quote

Paul Ford: A Guiding Light in Academia

Paul Ford, a distinguished lecturer, provided Aughey with unique training perspectives that became foundational in his pursuits.

Mark Fabreo: Merging Research and Athleticism

Mark Fabreo, known for groundbreaking medical research, offered insights derived from his triumphs as a successful age group triathlete.

Matty: Inspiring Work Ethic and Dedication

A pivotal figure in Aughey’s formative years, Matty’s relentless work ethic and dedication emphasized the paramount importance of organization and effort in academia.

Victoria University’s Groundbreaking Project

Victoria University’s involvement in testing athlete tracking systems for FIFA, particularly focusing on limb tracking for offside calls in football.

The Thriving Partnership: Victoria University and Western Bulldogs

The successful partnership between Victoria University and the Western Bulldogs, and how it benefits students in the cadetship program and the club itself.

Mike McKenna: A Player Turned Professor

Former Bulldogs player Professor Mike McKenna’s pivotal role in the flourishing partnership between Victoria University and the Western Bulldogs.

Conclusion: A Lasting Legacy of Influence

Robert Aughey’s journey in sports science is a testament to the transformative power of influential figures and unique perspectives.

People Mentioned:

  • Russel Jarrett
  • Stuart Cormack
  • Paul Ford
  • Mike Mckenna
  • Kevin Ball
  • Fabio Serpiello
  • David Martin
  • David Pike
  • Matthew Inness
  • Rob Young
  • Cadel Evans
  • Aaron Kellett
  • Cam Falloon
  • Bill Daverin
  • Leon Cameron
  • Rodney Eade
  • Brad Gotch
  • Rob Duff



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