A presentation run by Jack Mclean where he presents his philosophy around physical preparation for AFL performance.


  • Importance of conditioning (Aerobic – Threshold – Repeat speed and Sprinting)
  • Integrating skills with conditioning for the optimum transfer


Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice with an AFL Training Program Workshop

Are you a footballer, coach, or practitioner looking to take your training plans up a notch? If so, this workshop is for you. This presentation bridges the gap between theory and practice. Participants will gain hands-on experience monitoring training loads, designing session and weekly training plans, and providing training programs to meet the needs of athletes and patients. Presented in a small group setting, the workshop promotes interaction, discussion, and Q&A. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or simply want to gain some practical ideas to implement in your clinic, this workshop will help you “build a training program from the ground up”!

Who Should Attend?
This program is perfect for anyone who wants to build an effective AFL conditioning program. It’s great if you are already an experienced practitioner who wants to learn more about creating individualized programs or if you are new to creating AFL training plans and need help getting started. The workshop is also beneficial if you are looking for ways to improve existing practice programs or need help troubleshooting any issues that have arisen when creating AFL training plans in the past.

What Will You Learn?
At this workshop, participants will learn how to create individualized sessions for each athlete; develop personalized weekly schedules; monitor progress; prevent overtraining; incorporate active recovery sessions; adjust workloads based on changes in performance; modify workouts based on injury risk; assess psychological readiness; understand prehabilitation as safety measures; analyze results from strength tests; use aerobic/anaerobic threshold values effectively in programming; develop nutritional strategies for athletes/patients that maximize performance gains within their budget constraints; and design periodized programs appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Whether you want to bring your existing AFL training program up a notch or design one from scratch, this workshop can provide invaluable insight into creating effective AFL training plans. You will walk away with techniques that can be used immediately in clinical settings and skills that will benefit your clients in both short-term and long-term goals. So don’t wait any longer—register now!