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The Benefits of Individualised Programming for Footballers 

All the professional AFL clubs employ a full-time Strength & Conditioning Coaches to help their players reach their peak performance. Strength training is an important part of this, but unfortunately, it isn’t something that filters down to the amateur or semi-professional levels. Many football players today rely on body building techniques and exercises like bicep curls and bench presses that don’t do much in terms of developing strength for the game. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of strength training for footballers so you can use it to reach your peak performance. \

Individualised programming Improves Performance and helps mitigate injury

Strength training helps footballers by improving their performance and preventing injury on the field. It helps build muscles, increase power, and improve balance, coordination, agility and flexibility – all essential elements for a successful footballer. Strength training also provides additional protection against potential injuries due to overuse or contact with other players. 

Strength Training Helps Increase Speed 

Speed is an important component of football success, which is why many professional clubs put a lot of emphasis on speed development in their strength training programs. Strength training exercises help build stronger muscles and joints, which are important components of running faster. This includes focusing on specific muscle groups such as hip flexors, quads, calves and hamstrings while incorporating plyometrics into your program to target explosive power development. Regular speed drills will also help you develop more efficient running mechanics as well as increase your fitness level so that you can run further at higher speeds for longer periods of time during games. 

Improves Mental Focus 

The physical aspect of football is only half the battle; mental focus is also key to success on the field. Many professional athletes have incorporated mindfulness practices into their routine to improve concentration levels during games or training sessions. Strength training can also help with this by teaching players how to focus on form while executing different movements such as squats or deadlifts in order to maximize results. This teaches them how to stay focused on one task at a time rather than jumping from one thing to another which ultimately leads to better decision making during games when split second decisions need to be made quickly and accurately under pressure situations.  

Individualised training plays an important role in helping footballers reach their peak performance levels both physically and mentally. It helps build muscle mass and increases power as well as improves balance, coordination, agility and flexibility – all essential elements for success on the field. Additionally, regular speed drills will help you develop more efficient running mechanics while proper form execution during different movements will help improve mental focus so that you can make better decisions under pressure situations during games or practice sessions alike. If you haven’t already done so, incorporate strength training into your routine today! You’ll be sure to see improvements in no time!