Meg Hutchins

From the game of footy to the game of waves, Meg found her way back to Australian Football League (AFLW). Thanks to her non-stop playing footy. Her passion for sports started in her early teens when she had to play with her older brothers while being the water girl at the same time.

Her hard work and bravery were fundamental to her ascend as AFLW. Even this well-renowned player asks herself what has got into her making it from her small girl football dream towards her real-life occupation.

Patience and training were something she depended on. She never failed to discipline herself. Reaching 250 football games she definitely got what she deserved.

A Childhood Fantasy

Meg’s Football dreams started back when she was a kid. She practiced her skills out in their backyard. A young girl with big goals, the goal was to play for Collingwood. So much for a childhood fantasy coming into reality, she finally joined the Collingwood Football Club as the priority pick sometime in August 2016. The Magpies officially welcomed the brave footballer straight off as their playing operations manager.

Knowing her story of falling and eventually rising higher is worth a Sports Page casting. An Australian feat to succeed in Women’s Football has seen years of coaching, training, and winning. Her impressive career in Sports has reached the headlines as she was looked forward to during AFLW’s annual decorated seasons. She founded the idea of making dreams a reality and starting young is the key.

The struggle to move forward with her childhood fantasy was not as easy as that of a straight line. When she was left with no other option, she joined other sports like hockey and basketball. She even landed a seat as a famous rower of an 8-crew Victorian boat vying for the Australian championships. She just didn’t give up on her ambition. As destined to have it one way or another, she got her big break.

For The Wins

Meg Hutchins had her share of losses. The debut game she was picked for against rivals Carlton Blues. Her prior experience as a defender of her original team, the Eastern Devils of the Victorian Women Football League (VWFL) was tied to her role as co-captain. It was around this time when she was awarded the most coveted Helen Lambert Medal for being the best and the fairest player of the season. She was a 6-time All-Australian awardee and that speaks of how much she shines in her game.

This woman of grit, an athlete with a wide range of competitive experiences, won the VWFL Best First-Year Player for the year 2003. She was a goalkicker from 2005 up until 2008. She officially played her first AFLW season, the year of 2017. She signed with the same team the following year, 2018. She was not listed by Collingwood for the year 2019 as she expressed intent to retire the year before that. The resilience of an amazing woman made her mark. Soon after, she joined the Hawthorn Hawks in the VFLW league. 

A player by heart, every team she played with had only good things to say about her. She is a winner, not just in any game she plays, but by her attitude. She was a real defender who speaks well of the management, of the club owner, of the co-players she happens to work or play with. And that is the one thing that no other sports personality can beat. Coping up with trials and standing strong after a fallback is just sweet icing to her good deeds.

The world stage 

She crossed the AFL towards the international level as she played for her team against Ireland back in 2006. This 39-year-old goalkicker has helped Collingwood’s team and has contributed so much towards the development of the game. She was very vocal about her humility and gratitude towards the teams she played with.

Many have witnessed how she overworked in coaching and managing just as she played alongside her team members. This is something worthy of sharing with every aspiring athlete who is on the lookout to land a part of the most sought-after Women’s Football teams. 

Meg is a football veteran who will forever be remembered in the world of Women’s Football. Her inspirational story of overcoming challenges, and being a leader who faces any challenge head-on especially when on the field will definitely inspire others.

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