#bitesize – How to develop an AFL body

How to Develop an AFL Body

Aerobic and Threshold Training for an AFL Body

To develop an AFL body, start with aerobic capacity work and threshold running. This involves low-intensity aerobic efforts at 60% of your heart rate, building your critical speed. Incorporate high-intensity intervals such as 400-meter and 600-meter efforts, or shorter 200-meter sprints with brief recovery periods. These exercises help improve cardiovascular endurance, crucial for meeting the demands of AFL gameplay.

Repeat Speed and Resilience Training for AFL Performance

Developing repeat speed is essential for AFL players. This training includes intermittent high-intensity exercises that prepare the body for the sport’s continuous and strenuous nature. By focusing on these aspects, you enhance resilience and player availability, enabling you to handle the game’s toughest moments with ease.

Strength and Power Training to Achieve an AFL Physique

Strength and power training are vital for building the lean, athletic physique typical of AFL players. Unlike traditional bodybuilding, focus on higher sets with lower reps, such as eight sets of four reps. This approach allows you to lift at higher intensities, improving maximal force production and overall strength.

Safe Weight Training for Junior AFL Players

For junior footballers aged 12-16, safe weight training is crucial. Addressing myths and fears around youth weight training, it’s important to develop athleticism with proper guidance. Parents and coaches should ensure juniors lift safely and consider seeking a strength coach to aid in their athletic development.

Comprehensive Training for AFL Athletic Development

A holistic approach to training, incorporating both conditioning and strength work, ensures players develop the necessary physical attributes for peak performance. This comprehensive training strategy is key to excelling in AFL and achieving a resilient, athletic body.

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