#bitesize – How footballers can add inches to their vertical jump

Identify Your Target Audience

To start a successful online coaching business, first identify your target audience. Who do you enjoy working with? What are their desires and needs? Understanding these aspects will help you tailor your services effectively and launch your coaching business. By knowing your audience, you can create targeted marketing strategies and launch your coaching business with a clear focus on meeting their specific needs.

Create Your Business Name

Next, create a business name and claim all social and searchable platforms. A unique and catchy name will make your business stand out and be easily recognizable. Secure your online presence by registering your name on social media and other platforms.

Develop a Business Model

Creating a business model is crucial. Decide whether you’ll offer low-priced services needing high volume for financial viability or higher-priced, exclusive services. This decision will shape your marketing and operational strategies.

Becoming a Performance Coach

If you’re a personal trainer aspiring to be a performance coach, start by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Follow this with a Master’s in a specialized area like sports psychology or exercise physiology. Certifications from organizations like ASA are also beneficial.

Boosting Recovery Post-Game

Effective recovery after a game is essential. Mental relaxation, hot showers, static stretching, light yoga movements, foam rolling, and flush massages are great techniques. These methods help reduce fatigue and speed up recovery.

Key Metrics for Football Preparation

For football preparation, focus on total distance covered, high-speed running (over 19.8 km/h), and sprint distance (over 25.5 km/h). Using a GPS unit to track these metrics will provide valuable insights into your performance.

Increasing Vertical Jump

Improving your vertical jump involves producing more vertical force. Exercises like heavy squats and deadlifts are key. Lift heavy weights with low reps and gradually increase the weight. This method enhances your ability to generate force and improve your jump.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Launching a successful online coaching business
  • Transitioning from personal trainer to performance coach
  • Recovery techniques to manage fatigue post-game
  • Ideal weekly running mileage before a game
  • Strategies to boost your vertical jump
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