heart rate variabilityHeart rate variability what is it?

Research suggests its the best non-invasive objective measure for monitoring recovery and general wellbeing.

How does it work?

First thing in the morning you place your fingertip in the core sense device for 2 minutes while it analyses your pulse.

After the reading, you get an instant report from the free Elite HRV app giving you feedback on whether you’re in a parasympathetic dominant state ie (relaxed) sympathetic dominant state ie (stressed) or your nervous system is in balance.

From a physical preparation point of view, this takes the guesswork out of load management and allows for a more individualized approach when adjusting the athlete’s training program.

I’ve used Elite HRV personally for the last 5 years and It’s helped increase my awareness around physical and mental/emotional stress and how to influence my nervous system for the desired state.

More recently I have completed the Elite HRV foundation course and I’m applying the methods with the athletes I work with at Prepare Like A Pro.

I love it for the objective data it provides not only to guide training but also to monitor how the athletes are coping during the pandemic.

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