Jordan Stares is the Strength & Conditioning Coach at the West Coast Eagles, he co-owns a high-performance facility called Athlete Alliance and has completed his PhD on Subsequent Injuries in elite Australian football: the role of athlete training workloads and the risks encountered during return to play.


  • Practicals skills you can learn from working in a gym while still in uni
  • People who helped Jordan get to where he is today
  • How to get in touch with Athlete Alliance
  • Jordan’s ways to upskill himself
  • His recommended recovery aspect
  • Advice for training loads for preseason with limited resources
  • For strength sessions, what movements he advice to focus on if there’s limited time to train

Check out his facility:

Connect with Jordy:

People mentioned:

  • Brendan Appleby 
  • Charlie Higgins
  • Jarrod Wade
  • Glenn stewart 
  • Annie Juke
  • David Joyce
  • Kyle Wheeler
  • Warren Kofoed
  • Liam Warwick
  • Stacey Marinkovich

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