Gaetano Faranda is the High-Performance Manager of Williamstown FC & Course Coordinator at Vic Uni. GT has also worked as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boxhill Hawks, Western Jets and has his master’s degree in High Performance Sport.


  • How he started his first role as an S&C coach 
  • Mentors who have helped GT in his S&C journey
  • Pathways to get bachelor of exercise science degree and how to start working in a sports environment 
  • How GT builds his career and network
  • GT’s pet peeves
  • Fave inspirational quote

People mentioned:

  • Durham Zara
  • Jay Ellis
  • James Mcnonall 
  • Callum Downie
  • Chris Latella
  • Andrew William
  • Loris Bertolacci
  • Lara Bester 
  • Josh Holding

Connect with GT:

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