Highlights of the episode:

  • Tip #1 Be consistent with your skill routine
  • Tip #2 Improve your ability to produce maximal force
  • Tip #3 Boost your critical mass
  • Tip #4 Train with an older group or higher level of footballers above you
  • Tip #5 Watch the videos of your past performance
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In Aussie rules football, having confidence is essential to performing well under pressure. Without it, players can become tentative or overcautious – leading to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. Creating and sustaining football confidence begins with the basics: preparation, practice, and feedback.

Preparation starts with building a strong foundation of skills – understanding the game plan and working on the technical and tactical skills needed to execute it. Players should be well-versed in their roles and have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them on match day.

Practice is also key – working on drills to develop specific skills, rehearsing game situations, and being challenged with complex problem-solving tasks during training are all essential components to help instill confidence.

Finally, feedback is important – giving players immediate and honest feedback on their contributions can help them identify areas of success and hopefully motivate them to build upon them. Coaches should not be afraid to give constructive criticism when needed, as this can serve as an effective learning tool for the player.

Building a culture in which these 3 elements are combined in a supportive environment can promote individual growth and ultimately create successful teams. Football confidence isn’t something that happens overnight – it takes consistent work over time from all involved. But with dedication and commitment, the rewards will be worth it!

The key takeaway here? Confidence comes from preparation, practice, and feedback – but all three need to be provided in a supportive environment. Coaches and players need to work together to build the skills, physicality, and beliefs needed to create football confidence. With the right approach, anything’s possible! Good luck!

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