In this episode of the Prepare Like A Pro Podcast I am speaking to John Quinn. He has been the High-Performance manager at two AFL clubs. Recruited for his athletics, John is a leader in his field and shares many great stories. We discussed with John his love for athletics and how his drive to be a coach began at the age of 17 and his mentors along with the journey from a local butcher to many peers along the way. John provided great insight into his approach to preparing elite athletes all year round and the importance of posture, mobility & technique.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • John’s coaching career journey from start to now.
  • His learning’s from traveling around the country & world with experts in their field.
  • How his Kevin Sheedy connection and ability to think outside the box helped lead Essendon FC to team success in 1999 and 2000.
  • John discusses the importance of having a people-first-athlete second approach and the importance of an individualized strength & conditioning program.
  • John goes into great detail about what has worked and what has and hasn’t throughout his career.
  • How he values relationships.
  • John shares plenty of tips and tricks for young developing footballers & staff.

People mentioned:

  • Lael Kassem
  • Andrew Sharp
  • Cathy Freeman
  • Don Parks
  • Usain Bolt
  • Carl Lewis
  • Tom Tellez
  • Tony Rice
  • Peter Schinnick
  • Bendere Oboya
  • Peter Bowman
  • Peter Taylor
  • Kevin Sheedy
  • James Hird
  • Muhler Wolfhardt
  • Julian fellar
  • Matthew Knights
  • Matthew Carazzo
  • Chris Judd
  • Graeme Arnold
  • Harry Kewell
  • Mark Viduka
  • Darren Burgess
  • Mat Oneil
  • Jock Campbell
  • Andrew Demetriou
  • Graham ‘Gubby’ Allan
  • Andrew Russell
  • Loris Bertalacci
  • Andrew Lambart
  • Garry Davidson

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