• An osteopath’s tips and tricks for developing footballers
  • From a cultural point of view, important things to focus on when a coach goes into a new club
  • Pathways to get bachelor of exercise science degree and how to start working in a sports environment 
  • Advice for footballer doing weights
  • For strength sessions, movements to focus on if there’s limited time to train


  • Prevention tips for shin splints
  • How to build rapport, buy-in and trust when doing rehab with a new athlete
  • Key equipment to include in the gym for teams with minimal budget
  • How often an athlete should try something new before deciding to include it in the training
  • Do you have to lie to change an athlete’s mentality


  • How to build a player match intensity and how to communicate it to the athlete 
  • How to prepare for AFL football, including the training, recovery, and the mental side
  • How to unite a team during preseason training
  • How to get power without wheeling around to the side
  • How to built your network and  mentors


  • The best way to bulk up for critical mass for developing athletes-
  • Ideal snacks for athletes who are on the go
  • Benefits of periodization
  • Role of nutrition for injury prevention
  • Advice for dealing with trauma and self-care


  • His preparation before a game
  • How to improve your confidence as a footy player
  • How to relax before a big game 
  • His favorite recovery and how his training sessions before a game looks like
  • Mindfulness training for a player’s mental health

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