David Mirra

In more than ten years, football is life for the 30-year-old David Mirra. As the 2021 Australian Football League (AFL) marks the 2nd season during a pandemic, the Sports World brings back to life the struggles and successes of a young footballer who never backs down in reaching his lifelong goals. His career in defending his local Victorian Football League (VFL) has been with flying colours. And his ascend from VFL to AFL was one worthy of emulation.

The bearer of #32 in Hawthorn Football Club, this 2018 rookie draft has his hands full. His story of sports success is heading its way towards feature pages. This is something he truly deserved. Adjudged as the best in the VFL field during the 2018 grand finals, he stands up to the audience’s expectations. 


He was working on his dreams since day one. The Big Goal is to play the AFL. He never missed every draft opportunity. His patience can be traced as far back when he was 18 years old. He has the patience – the right attitude for every athlete who looks at the big picture. And just as he wanted, he reached his goal. The years of hard work polished him to become the most celebrated team captain and defender of his local league.


Twice the VFL Premiership player (2013, 2018), twice The Box Hill best and fairest (2016, 2019), three times VFL team representative, four times VFL Team of the year, a VFL Premiership Captain, and a recipient of Norm Goss Memorial Medal – Mirra’s football career grew pretty well over the years. His playing career highlights his persistence in getting his team ahead of the game, and he succeeded in doing just all of that. The Hawthorn Football Club saw that potential, and that’s where he moves right in.


Giving up was not an option for the VAFA club Collegians 2020 football legend. His game statistics showcase his flexibility and dependability in every game he played. He persevered in going up top. He is a solid representative of how an aspiring and determined local player can make it towards the big games, accepting every challenge thrown at him, learning from every season, and using it all for his growth and professional growth advantage.

By the end of the 2019 season, Mirra has played a total of 155 games in favor of his home league, Box Hill Hawks. He was captain of the team, spearheading 78 matches, which is then a club record. His lifelong ambition of playing in the big yard took a bend when he was chosen as a rookie draft by the AFL Hawthorn. This happened only weeks before the infamous captain decided to return to the local football courts. It is all about timing and maintaining the right attitude. David Mirra is a footballer with 3Ps – patience, persistence, and perseverance.

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