Carmen Colomer's sports performance

Carmen Colomer discusses her influences and mentors, highlighting Ben Sapel as a standout mentor who has been instrumental in shaping her philosophy in sports performance, including Carmen Colomer’s sports performance. The effective ways she measures athlete readiness include subjective check-ins, conversations with athletes about how they feel, and potentially using objective metrics like heart rate variability. Carmen emphasizes a performance-first mindset over injury risk reduction, focusing on consistency in training for athletes. She believes in using behavioral economics to drive behavior change in athletes, creating an environment that facilitates healthy habits without much conscious effort.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Strong mentors and influencers who shaped her philosophy today
  • Effective methods for measuring training load in team-based field athletes
  • Her criteria when adjusting training load for athlete recovery in preseason
  • Her non-negotiables ensure athletes maintain an elite lifestyle
  • How she makes a group presentation engaging and actionable

Carmen Colomer: Mentors and Their Impact on Sports Performance

As athletes strive for excellence and success, the role of mentors becomes crucial in shaping their journey. In this blog post, we explore Carmen Colomer’s influences and mentors, highlighting the standout mentor, Ben Sapel, who has been instrumental in shaping her philosophy in sports performance. Carmen Colomer’s innovative approach to athlete readiness and behavior change makes her a trailblazer in the field.


Carmen Colomer, a renowned sports performance expert, has carved a niche for herself by blending scientific research with a unique performance-first mindset. Her journey has been shaped by various mentors who have played a pivotal role in her growth as a sports professional. Among them, Ben Sapel stands out as a guiding light whose wisdom and insights have significantly impacted Carmen Colomer’s approach to training athletes.

Measuring Athlete Readiness

One of the key aspects of Carmen Colomer’s training philosophy is her emphasis on accurately measuring athlete readiness.

Performance-First Mindset over Injury Risk Reduction

While many coaches focus primarily on reducing injury risk, Carmen Colomer adopts a different perspective—a performance-first mindset. She believes that by optimizing training for performance, athletes naturally build resilience and robustness, thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries.

This philosophy encourages athletes to focus on consistent and progressive training, emphasizing long-term development over short-term gains. By prioritizing performance, Carmen Colomer empowers athletes to achieve their maximum potential while maintaining optimal health.

Leveraging Behavioral Economics in Sports

Carmen Colomer is not only an expert in sports performance but also a keen observer of behavioral economics. She recognizes the profound impact of behavioral factors on athlete performance and leverages this knowledge to drive positive behavior change.

Creating an environment that facilitates healthy habits without requiring much conscious effort is at the core of Carmen Colomer’s approach.

Engaging Presentations: The Power of Visuals

She frequently delivers insightful talks and workshops to groups of coaches, athletes, and sports enthusiasts. One of the secrets to her engaging presentations lies in the use of visuals.

Carmen Colomer suggests incorporating images, illustrations, and videos of the athletes themselves to effectively convey key actionable insights.


Carmen Colomer’s journey in sports performance has been shaped by influential mentors and her steadfast commitment to innovation. Through her collaboration with mentor Ben Sapel, Carmen Colomer developed a performance-first philosophy that prioritizes individualized training and long-term development.

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