My favourite ways to improve footballers speed & acceleration

Hey there, AFL enthusiasts! Ready to leave your opponents in the dust? It’s all about nailing those first three steps of acceleration. This blog post is your ultimate playbook, packed with the nitty-gritty on accelerating like a pro in AFL. We’re talking top-notch drills, insider strategies, and a deep dive into the science behind swift moves. Let’s get you up to speed and turn heads on the field!

Understanding Acceleration in AFL:

In the heart-pounding world of AFL, speed is your best friend. And not just any speed – we’re zeroing in on acceleration. It’s about blasting off the starting line, seizing control of the ball, and sidestepping the competition when it matters most. Mastering acceleration means you’re not just playing the game; you’re dominating it.

The Science Behind Acceleration:

Ever wonder what makes you zip across the field like a bolt of lightning? It’s all in the mechanics and muscle. We’re talking about explosive leg power, perfecting your body’s angles, and training those fast-twitch muscle fibers to react in a flash. Get this formula right, and you’re on your way to becoming an acceleration maestro.

Key Drills and Exercises:

It’s showtime! Transform theory into action with drills designed for AFL champs. Picture yourself nailing wall drills, powering through sled sprints, and leaping into plyometrics. And that’s just for starters. We’ve got a whole lineup of game-changing routines to skyrocket your acceleration.

Speed vs. Acceleration:

Let’s set the record straight – speed and acceleration are two sides of the same coin, but they play different games. Speed’s about the long haul, but acceleration? What’s your secret weapon for those make-or-break moments in AFL? Fine-tune your acceleration, and watch the game bend to your rhythm.

Tailored Training for Every Position:

No two AFL players are the same, and neither is their approach to acceleration. Whether you’re a midfielder needing quick bursts, a forward eyeing the goal, or a defender on the prowl, we’ve got bespoke tips to amp up your acceleration game.

Staying on Track:

Consistency is key, and tracking your progress is your roadmap to success. We’re dishing out pro tips on training smart, recovering right, and using tech to keep your acceleration gains on a steady climb.

To learn these strategies in greater detail watch the below YouTube Video where Jack Mclean discusses this topic on his podcast:

Strength training can enhance acceleration and performance in various sports. Research shows:

1. Resisted sprint (RS) training improves acceleration and leg power, similar to nonresistant sprint (NRS) training, without adversely affecting acceleration kinematics or gait [(Spinks et al., 2007)](

2. Heavy strength training leads to significant improvements in strength and power-related measurements, though its combination with plyometric training does not significantly enhance performance in professional soccer players compared to strength training alone [(Rønnestad et al., 2008)](ønnestad/329b4634b11b5fa7a32919ff24522806/

3. Strength training with heavy versus light load on weighted sled towing significantly improves sprint acceleration ability without negative effects on sprint performance [(Kawamori et al., 2014)](


Wrapping Up:

You’ve got the power tips, the drills, and the insider strategies. Now, it’s your move. Take these insights, hit the field, and start your journey to AFL greatness. Remember, every champion’s journey starts with mastering those first three steps of acceleration. Ready, set, go!

Ready to make those acceleration gains?

Check out our favourite acceleration drills with the below videos:

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