AFLW Off-Season Training Tips


Off-season training is crucial for AFLW athletes to maintain peak performance. Let’s delve into key strategies to optimize fitness, endurance, and skill development during this critical period. AFLW Off-Season Training Tips can significantly enhance an athlete’s performance and readiness for the upcoming season. These tips encompass a range of physical and mental techniques designed to maximize potential and minimize injury risks. Incorporating these strategies into your off-season regimen can improve strength, agility, and overall game proficiency. Consistency and dedication are key; make sure to prioritize recovery and nutrition alongside your training routine. By focusing on these areas, you’ll be well-prepared to excel when the season kicks off. AFLW Off-Season Training Tips should be a cornerstone of every athlete’s preparation strategy.

Speed and Endurance Focus

Efficiently working at 80-90% speed is vital for sustained high-intensity efforts on the field. Incorporate short, intense sprints with adequate rest intervals to enhance game-ready stamina and speed.

Aerobic Capacity Building

Longer duration efforts with appropriate work-to-rest ratios are essential for improving aerobic capacity. Gradually increasing intensity and setting distance targets based on benchmark tests ensures progressive development.

Customized Gym Training

Tailor gym sessions to strengthen contested skills like ground balls and posterior chains for enhanced performance during game situations. Utilize exercises like RDLs and trap bar deadlifts for optimal results.

Plyometrics and Running Mechanics

Incorporate plyometric drills to improve ankle stiffness and master loaded acceleration positions. Focus on generating power efficiently through proper running mechanics for agility and speed.

Upper Body Strength and Core Stability

Enhance fend-offs and create space on the field with targeted upper body exercises. Strengthen core stability for better bracing during contests, ensuring optimal performance in critical game moments.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Improving your ability to achieve 80-90% of your speed
  • How to build your aerobic capacity
  • Effective football ground ball drills in the gym
  • Drills for shoulder work to improve your fend-off skills
  • Drills to strengthen your trunk and improve your bracing skills

How Australian Rule Footballers in Season Gym Program Should Look

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