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AFL is a demanding sport, and Strength & Conditioning plays an integral role in helping athletes reach their potential. As an AFL athlete, you must be prepared to take responsibility for your physical health and prepare yourself mentally and physically if you wish to succeed. AFL High-Performance Training is crucial for honing your skills and achieving peak performance on the field. Embracing AFL High-Performance Training not only enhances your physical capabilities but also cultivates mental toughness, ensuring you stay ahead in this highly competitive sport. So, embrace AFL High-Performance Training and watch yourself grow into a formidable force on the field.

Top 5 Tips for Strength and Conditioning in AFL

1. Know Your Strengths

A great place to start is by understanding what your body can do, and how it responds to training. Knowing your strengths helps you focus on the areas that need improvement, enabling you to work smarter, not harder when it comes to your training program.

2. Be Consistent In-Season

Finding a consistent approach during the season can be difficult with all the other demands that come with being an AFL player. However, the key is to keep your conditioning up and avoid any drastic changes in the intensity or volume of work during the season.

3. Follow a High-Performance Program

Having a Strength & Conditioning coach who understands the specific needs of AFL players can be invaluable. They will know what type of exercises are best for you and how to use them in order to improve performance on the field.

4. Enjoy The Process

Working hard doesn’t have to be a chore; find ways to make it fun! Incorporating different types of training such as yoga or pilates can help motivate you and allow you to switch off from all the pressures that come with being an athlete.

5. Bring Intent To Everything You Do

Having a clear goal in mind when it comes to your training will help keep you motivated and ensure that each session has a purpose. Always remember the bigger picture, and why you’re doing the work – this will allow you to stay focused and give it your all until the end of every session.


By following these tips, AFL players can ensure they are getting the most out of their strength & conditioning program and reach peak performance on match day. Investing time in a well-thought-out Strength & Conditioning plan is one of the best ways to prepare for success on the field!

Maximizing Performance: Keys to Success for AFL Athletes

  • AFL athletes should take responsibility for their physical health, both mentally and physically, in order to succeed.
  • Knowing one’s strengths is the key to improving performance on the field.
  • Consistency with training during the season is essential, and having a Strength & Conditioning coach is advantageous.
  • Practicing enjoyable activities such as yoga or pilates can motivate an athlete.
  • It is important to bring intent and focus to each training session and remember why they are doing it.
  • Having a well-thought-out Strength & Conditioning plan is an effective way to reach peak performance.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Knowing your strengths
  • Consistency
  • Follow a program by an S&C coach, not a Personal Trainer
  • Enjoy the process
  • Bring intent in everything you do
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