Episode 74 – 3 Tips for Footballers Wanting to Get Drafted in AFL

The Australian Football League (AFL) is a high-performance, fast-paced, and competitive sporting league. It consists of 18 AFL teams, and each and every team is comprised of a squad. The squad is assembled from players nominated and recruited every year during the AFL Draft Tips. In fact, the AFL draft is the most essential event where young footballers eyeing AFL memberships get to secure a place and is one of the most competitive drafts.

Get out there and make a statement to the scouts and recruiters. In this video, we outline the top three AFL Draft Tips for footballers who want to get drafted in the AFL. Learn from these experts in the industry as well as former players. Find out these invaluable AFL Draft Tips to be able to increase your chances of living out your dream and playing in the AFL.

Top Tips:

  1. Focus on what your talents are
  2. Create a training schedule
  3. Have a support team around you

Tip #1: Focus on Your Talents

Find your talents and develop them. This means you need to know your strengths and weaknesses and that you should be an asset to a team. AFL player and coach Brendan McCartney shares that you should be either very good, great or exceptional in one or two elements rather than just OK with everything. Ask your coach, teammates and opponents for feedback on where you are good.

Tip #2: Create a Training Schedule

Come up with a training plan so you can develop your skills and fitness levels accordingly. Former AFL player and commentator Nick Riewoldt highlights the importance of having clear goals and benchmarks. Today, he is asking you to find out your fitness levels, what you need to work on, and how much time you have on your calendar. Supplement strength and conditioning work with skill-based drills and practice games with the proper amount of rest and recovery.

Tip #3: Support Team

Recruit a support team of family, coaches, mentors and fellow players to keep you motivated and focused on the draft process.

Aerobic Capacity Free Workout

Good physical health relates to better aerobic capacity. It is related to the improved endurance of the body and minimized risk of chronic disease maturation. Here are a few of the free workouts:

  • Running or Jogging: Gradually increase the time and distance that is being covered.
  • Jumping Jacks: Old-School, an aerobic workout which uses the whole body.
  • Dancing: Fun and useful in increasing your aerobic capacity.
  • Cycling: Indoor or outdoor.
  • Stair Climbing: Cardio that is easily done. It is very effective in increasing your heart rate.


Better physical health is fully reliant on aerobic capacity. Add these free exercises to your daily or weekly routine. Start at a slow pace and gradually add on the workload. Make sure to stay hydrated and take rest when you feel tired. With concerted effort on your part, you will find your aerobic capacity and your life improved.

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