Prepare like a pro Ambassador Nick Daicos



Is one of the most recognized upcoming AFL payers in the 2021 draft. Not only an elite football player, he loves hanging out with his family/friends and walking his dog.

Local Club: Kew Rovers FC

Nab League Club: Oakleigh Chargers

Team you Barrack for: Collingwood

Instagram handle: Whispernickydaicos

What do you love about the game of football?

 “I love that for 2 hours all thoughts completely disappear, you are on an oval competiting with your best friends all for the same goal. I also love the constant challenge to get better and compete with others”.

Which movie & book has impacted you?

“Moneyball is a movie that I have enjoyed watching over the years, I particularly find fascinating the theory of building a team around statistics at the cheapest price possible. A book I have enjoyed reading is the ‘4am club’, which emphasizes the significant benefits that arise from waking and working in the early hours of the day.”

What's your favourite way to spend your day off?

“My favourite way to spend my day off would be to go to the beach with my family and friends, I really enjoy getting down to the beach with my dog”.

Which song do you never get sick of listening to?

“There is two songs that instantly come to mind, both performed by Avicci, ‘Levels’ and ‘Wake me up’.”

Favourite destination for a holiday and why?

“America, I love shopping in America as well as attending sporting venues and games. I follow the NBA closely and watch it every second day, so when I go to America and go to the stadiums to watch the games it is quite a surreal experience.

(Gold Coast a close second!)”.

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